Hint of Jala’ Vodka


Project Notes:

I have been using products from one of my favorite local restaurants and distilleries to fuel my creativity. Now that the weather is (finally) warming up, I wanted to revisit the inventory at Three Rivers Distilling Co. to find the most appropriate spirit for the season. Enter Hint of Jala’ Jalapeno Flavored Vodka. This stuff is an acquired taste and I wanted a video that matched its dynamic profile. I invested in a few more items to add to the prop and practical effect library and turned my garage into a makeshift product studio. Side note, garages make for perfect video studios. Luckily the $30 Amazon smoke machine did not start a fire in my home and over the span of a few hours, I was able to capture many dramatic shots of the product. The end result is a video that I am proud of and happily add to my growing portfolio.

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