About EvMo

About EvMo

Video is the name of the game with EvMo Productions. We are in the business of taking your ideas and converting them into visually appealing stories for your audience.

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Meet Evan

My name is Evan! Videography has been a passion of mine since my childhood. I took my camera everywhere. The movies I made ranged from family vacations to impromptu action movies with my friends. What started out as a childhood obsession slowly began to develop into a craft that I enjoyed improving upon. After years of practice and many hard-to-watch movies, choosing a college major came with zero difficulties.

I pursued Media Production at Purdue University Ft. Wayne and graduated in 2015. To date, I have produced several professional-quality videos for local area nonprofits and businesses. I also enjoy creating wedding videos, where I take an already beautiful day and edit it into something brides and grooms can remember for a lifetime. I am constantly looking for unique ways to tell a story through video. Regardless of the subject. Take some time. Watch some of the stories that live on this site. If you or someone you know has a story that needs to be told, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!


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