Little Giant Product Training Series

Project Overview:

Guess what? We’ve just wrapped up a series that I can’t wait to share with you. Buckle up and get ready to dive into the world of pumps and drains as I take you behind the scenes of my latest project: an 8-video series featuring the dynamic duo from Little Giant® Products – the VCMA-Pro Condensate Pump and the WRS Series Drainosaur. Yes, you heard that right, Drainosaur – it’s like a mythical creature, but for plumbing!

Now, before this whirlwind journey, I thought I knew my way around pumps and drains. But little did I know that my knowledge was about to be pumped up to a whole new level (pun absolutely intended).

But all joking aside, the hard work paid off. The Franklin Electric team and I persevered, and the end result is something that I’m genuinely proud of. Eight videos of informative content, complete with occasional sound effects courtesy of the wild birds outside of the beautiful Fort Wayne Headquarters.

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