Bishop Dwenger High School Campaign

Project Notes:

As a storyteller deeply embedded in the Fort Wayne community, I was thrilled to partner with Bishop Dwenger High School for an ambitious project to craft an 18-video campaign. Our goal was simple yet profound: to illuminate the school’s vast offerings beyond typical public education and dispel myths about its affordability. Each video showcased different facets of the school experience—from academics and arts to athletics and spiritual life, highlighting the accessibility of scholarships along the way.

These videos were previewed across various social media platforms, and the response from the community was nothing short of heartwarming. The engagement and positive feedback were overwhelming, reinforcing the school’s role in offering a diverse and attainable education. This project was a reminder of the powerful impact that thoughtful storytelling can have in connecting and inspiring a community. It’s projects like these that fuel my passion for filmmaking and reaffirm my commitment to our local educational institutions.

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